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Burger & Lobster: The Lobster Roll

15th July 2013

Ok, so I’m not winning any races with this blog post.  Everyone who lives in London knows the Burger & Lobster story… 


However,  a) not everyone who reads this does live in London and b) it was amazing and I want to tell you about it anyway.

After a day of birthday shopping with Mummy (lucky me), we headed to Mayfair for a late lunch at B&L.  The deal: choose Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll.  Each one costs £20, and includes sides.  Beautifully simple, especially if, like me, you’re terminally indecisive.  I like to read a menu cover to cover, so not being given a menu nicely eliminates this task.

There is however a comprehensive drinks list with great cocktails.  We went for gingery, limey and refreshing.  


We both chose the Lobster Roll (hence the post title).  I would be very happy to return and report back on the other options one by one – takers please?

The interior of the restaurant is sort of rustic and wooden, with an open kitchen front.  Diners eating lobster are given a fetching plastic bib – a definite plus.


If you’re in a group and up for a challenge, you can order one of the bigger (to massive) lobsters to share.


Although we certainly had enough to be going on with when our food arrived…

85Buttery, cooked bread filled with lobster – so, so good.


Don’t look past the sides – the salad is well dressed and topped with parmesan.  The chips are really good chips.  Simples.




I lined up the roll and went for it.  No cutlery needed.


Something that really endeared the restaurant to me is their sauce policy – ketchup and mayo are out on the tables, in bottles.  No need to keep asking politely for another tiny ramekin over and over again.




I was glad we’d finished shopping because I struggled to walk to the tube after we were done!


You can’t book at the Mayfair B&L, but you can make reservations for large parties at their other restaurants (there are four in total).  Details are on the website.

If you haven’t been yet, go.  That is all.  (Even if you are late to the party like me!)

And thank you M for a lovely day.

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The Great Outdoors

14th May 2013

Eating food outside is almost guaranteed to make it taste better.  If you live in London, sunshine cannot be taken for granted, but the Great Outdoors can feel a little far out of reach.

The obvious compromise? Head to Hyde Park.  Pack up a picnic along the way, spread your blanket (oversized scarf) on the grass, and settle in with music and trashy magazines.


The picnic food Mecca is Whole Foods, on Kensington High Street.  Three reasons why:

  1. They have a cheese ROOM
  2. Fresh bread, pastries, salsa, salads, cakes… the list goes on
  3. It’s a five minute walk from the park




I walk around Whole Foods with barely disguised glee – if you want fancy crisps, drinks, olives, anything really – do yourself a favour and drop in.  K and I tried to be restrained but still ended up with a generous selection of course.


The olive bar…



Selection of breads – caramelised onion and goats cheese is nearest the front.


This was a little out of date but I love the picture so I’ve included it anyway!


This is what we ate – Courgette and Broccoli Salad with Sesame Seeds, Tomato Salsa, Olives, Focaccia (with Tomato and Herbs), Dip Society ‘Arti-Thyme’ Dip, Guacamole, Korean Chilli Rice Crackers, and Manomasa Chipotle & Lime Tortilla Chips.

Washed down with Firefly Orange and Passionfruit drink.







These tortilla chips are amazing – you have to try them.


The most more-ish snack in the world – the chilli rice cracker.  They go perfectly with a G&T if you fancy it.


K had these Jawbone Jambox speakers with her, which are very loud for their size, and in a snazzy shade of blue.  I want some!



We listened to Flight Facilities, flicked through magazines, and soaked up as much Vitamin D as possible.  It was perfect.

Bring back the sun! (Please?)

Coco di Mama

12th April 2013

If you’re ever in the City and in need of a good bite to eat, I would like to recommend my favourite yummy pasta place.

Coco di Mama is a cool Italian luncherie – the décor, the branding, the service – all slick, slick, slick.  But most importantly, the food is amazing.  They serve pasta, salads and sandwiches which are all freshly made, with lots of big flavour.  There’s chorizo, parmesan, rocket, pancetta, truffle oil, chestnut mushrooms… the list goes on.


There are currently two branches – Fleet Street and Moorgate.  However, they’re about to open a third by St. Paul’s, and have a lovely little offer on.  If you click here and sign up, they’ll email you when the new site opens and you can get a free bowl of pasta.  Dreamy!

I dashed over to the Fleet Street restaurant to grab my lunch today, and went for Pure Carbonara with serpentini pasta, chilli oil and parmesan (grandi, obviously!).  The specials change daily, but there’s always a meaty type available as well as a ‘Naked’ pasta which has the bits but not the sauce.  

I love the way the staff take the orders, there’s real buzz as they rustle your order up – ‘Parmesan and Chilli Oil on my Grandi Carbonara, please’ gets shouted on back to the open kitchen where they’re throwing it all together.  You can opt in or out of the oil and cheese as you wish.  Previous favourites of mine have been Butternut Squash and Spinah and Nutmeg.


The pasta is.. well.. you have to go and try it!  Perfectly cooked, slightly al dente, gorgeous sauces. Served in pots with red and white checks, packed in a crisp matching paper bag ready to take away.  If you’re able to get a spot, you can stay and eat in and enjoy watching the line of hungry city folk ebb and flow.



Also on offer among other things are mac & cheese or lasagne of the day, soup with fresh ciabatta, puddings and delectable little side salads.  You can get more information about the food and the company on their website.

Final note – when you visit, look out for the arty food photos on the walls.  They feature ingredients masquerading as daily objects, and are really pleasing.

Food Art

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