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Frank’s Cafe

16th September 2013

I probably shouldn’t say things like this (as it’s a bit embarrassing for me), but I do think that some places make you feel cooler than others.  When there’s an atmosphere, a location, a buzz that’s exactly right and appears effortless.  

Frank’s Cafe is one of those places.  Before I continue, just get a look at this view.


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine called some last minute birthday drinks and so a group of us met at Frank’s on a Thursday night.  This was before autumn set in, and the evening was clear and warm.

To get there, you make your way to Peckham multi-storey carpark, and then climb all the way to the Level 6 rooftop.  It feels a little strange pacing through the concrete slopes and stairs on foot, but as soon as you come out into the open air it all makes sense.

Frank’s Cafe is open from July through to September and is part of the Bold Tendencies Sculpture Project.  This means that there are some interesting pieces of art to have a look at if you go and visit.


The sunset and city skyline were stunning, and the wide open space was full of Londoners enjoying the late summer weather.


There is a bar under tarpaulin which efficiently churns out drinks (I am reliably informed that you can now download an app to place your drinks order before going to pick it up) and an open grill.  The food is specials that change daily along with an assortment of finger food – sardines, olives, smoky nuts and so on.



We sipped on Campari cocktails and snacked on hummus with hunks of bread.




And then settled in to watch the night arrive.




You can find the Frank’s website here.  They’re closing for the year on September 29th, so you’ve still got time to go.  

If the chill has already got into your bones and you don’t fancy wrapping up, then make sure it’s on your list for next summer!

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Burger & Lobster: The Lobster Roll

15th July 2013

Ok, so I’m not winning any races with this blog post.  Everyone who lives in London knows the Burger & Lobster story… 


However,  a) not everyone who reads this does live in London and b) it was amazing and I want to tell you about it anyway.

After a day of birthday shopping with Mummy (lucky me), we headed to Mayfair for a late lunch at B&L.  The deal: choose Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll.  Each one costs £20, and includes sides.  Beautifully simple, especially if, like me, you’re terminally indecisive.  I like to read a menu cover to cover, so not being given a menu nicely eliminates this task.

There is however a comprehensive drinks list with great cocktails.  We went for gingery, limey and refreshing.  


We both chose the Lobster Roll (hence the post title).  I would be very happy to return and report back on the other options one by one – takers please?

The interior of the restaurant is sort of rustic and wooden, with an open kitchen front.  Diners eating lobster are given a fetching plastic bib – a definite plus.


If you’re in a group and up for a challenge, you can order one of the bigger (to massive) lobsters to share.


Although we certainly had enough to be going on with when our food arrived…

85Buttery, cooked bread filled with lobster – so, so good.


Don’t look past the sides – the salad is well dressed and topped with parmesan.  The chips are really good chips.  Simples.




I lined up the roll and went for it.  No cutlery needed.


Something that really endeared the restaurant to me is their sauce policy – ketchup and mayo are out on the tables, in bottles.  No need to keep asking politely for another tiny ramekin over and over again.




I was glad we’d finished shopping because I struggled to walk to the tube after we were done!


You can’t book at the Mayfair B&L, but you can make reservations for large parties at their other restaurants (there are four in total).  Details are on the website.

If you haven’t been yet, go.  That is all.  (Even if you are late to the party like me!)

And thank you M for a lovely day.

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29th April 2013

On Friday night my parents were in London, so I met them for a drink.

We had cocktails in the sunshine on the rooftop terrace at Aquaa perfect start to the weekend.  

Aqua is a great place to meet people centrally, as it’s so easy to get to.  It’s less than a minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station (not too far to carry your shopping…)!



Mama and I went for Mojitos which were yummy, and not too tart.  Our very friendly waitress recommended them.


When Padre arrived, he chose a Margarita (sin sal, of course).


Cheers! It’s almost warm enough to drink icy drinks outside without getting cold…


You can visit Aqua just for drinks, either on the terrace or inside the 5th floor bar.  Or, you can eat in one of the restaurants.  There’s Aqua Kyoto which does amazing sushi and Aqua Nueva, specialising in Spanish tapas.

Aqua Kyoto has a Sunday sushi brunch with unlimited champagne for £55 – a good treat if you fancy spoiling somebody.  It’s called ‘Infinity Sunday’ for when you ring up and book.

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend.