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Burger & Lobster: The Lobster Roll

15th July 2013

Ok, so I’m not winning any races with this blog post.  Everyone who lives in London knows the Burger & Lobster story… 


However,  a) not everyone who reads this does live in London and b) it was amazing and I want to tell you about it anyway.

After a day of birthday shopping with Mummy (lucky me), we headed to Mayfair for a late lunch at B&L.  The deal: choose Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll.  Each one costs £20, and includes sides.  Beautifully simple, especially if, like me, you’re terminally indecisive.  I like to read a menu cover to cover, so not being given a menu nicely eliminates this task.

There is however a comprehensive drinks list with great cocktails.  We went for gingery, limey and refreshing.  


We both chose the Lobster Roll (hence the post title).  I would be very happy to return and report back on the other options one by one – takers please?

The interior of the restaurant is sort of rustic and wooden, with an open kitchen front.  Diners eating lobster are given a fetching plastic bib – a definite plus.


If you’re in a group and up for a challenge, you can order one of the bigger (to massive) lobsters to share.


Although we certainly had enough to be going on with when our food arrived…

85Buttery, cooked bread filled with lobster – so, so good.


Don’t look past the sides – the salad is well dressed and topped with parmesan.  The chips are really good chips.  Simples.




I lined up the roll and went for it.  No cutlery needed.


Something that really endeared the restaurant to me is their sauce policy – ketchup and mayo are out on the tables, in bottles.  No need to keep asking politely for another tiny ramekin over and over again.




I was glad we’d finished shopping because I struggled to walk to the tube after we were done!


You can’t book at the Mayfair B&L, but you can make reservations for large parties at their other restaurants (there are four in total).  Details are on the website.

If you haven’t been yet, go.  That is all.  (Even if you are late to the party like me!)

And thank you M for a lovely day.

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Big Easy

8th May 2013

This post is unashamedly focused on comfort food.  And if, like me, your brand of comfort food features burgers, fajitas, ribs and ‘slaw then you can’t go wrong with Big Easy.

Big Easy is modelled on US crab shack style restaurants – they have weekly ‘All You Can Eat’ specials (ideal) and freshly caught lobster on the menu.  You’ll find it on the KIng’s Road in Chelsea.

The inside is all casual twinkly lights, blackboards and memorabilia.



We carried out an ordering attack, and just went for a LOT of stuff.  The waitress said in a kind voice that she thought it might be too much food but happily we proved her wrong.  


Drinks first – beers and an Oreo milkshake – obvious choices.

Accompanied by, in no particular order:

Fresh Calamari with lemon and dips…


Rack of Ribs… (yes, that is Macaroni Cheese you can see hiding in the background)


Onion Rings…


Skinny Chips…


And a Big Easy Hamburger with Oak Smoked Cheddar and Sweet Caramelised Onions.


Let’s get right up in that burger’s face…




If you want, they’ll provide you with a fetching plastic bib that says Crab Shack.  That way you can protect your outfit from rogue BBQ sauce and look good at the same time.  Be warned, the meat sweats are a possibility, but it’s totally worth it.  

I’m a big fan of Wednesday nights at Big Easy, which is ‘All You Can Eat Fajitas’ and a Margarita or Beer for £14.95 a head.  Bargain.


And here’s an idea for working off the food afterwards (not that you’ll see me doing this!)


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The Ship

26th April 2013

I always rather think of The Ship, Wandsworth as a bit like Facebook in person.  You’re bound to bump into someone you haven’t seen for a while, and it has a nice familiar feel.

On a weekend with good weather, it’s heaving.  The crowd spills out around the beer garden, people sit on tables – it’s a lot of fun.  There’s an outside BBQ serving fab burgers and you can watch the river as the day goes by.

With all of this, I’d somehow managed to never try the restaurant inside.  I’ve been missing out! The food is fantastic.


                                                               The beer garden sits right on the Thames

To get to the restaurant you walk past the big bar and into a cosy, comforting space at the back of the building.  The kitchen is open and you can see all the fresh food being plated up.

There is an à la carte menu, but also ‘Pub Favourites’ which are written up on boards – this is good news if you’re a classic fish and chips or pie lover!  The mains on the menu vary between about £12 – £17, and then it’s a bit more for steak.

Ship 2


I was starving, so I was pleased when some bread arrived without prompt. The butter was deliciously rock salted on top.


So now I had to challenge my indecision and make a choice about what to eat… I was torn between Fish Pie and Duck.  Duck won – but only on the condition that I could order a Scotch Egg to start.  O thought this was weird, until he tried it.


Woweee check out the runny drippy egg.  Just what I needed to kick off my meal.

The official title of the Duck was: Seared Duck Breast with Spring Onion Mash, Wilted Bok Choy and Blood Orange Jus.  Happily, The Ship have actually written a blog post with the recipe – so if you want, you can recreate it yourself!

The real winner for me was the combination of the spring onion mash and the sauciness of the jus.  It was one of those dishes where you need to get a bit of everything on each forkful. The duck was very tender.


O is a boy, so he wanted steak.  It turned out to be an epic choice.  Ribeye Steak with Braised Shallots, Red Wine Jus and Hand Cut Chips.  (300g of manliness.. there is a 400g option as well and I think I’d have to fast for a day to take that down).

Just look at it!




Cooked perfectly to order, O was pleased (and so was I because I got to eat some).

Sadly, we couldn’t stay for dessert.  But I will definitely be back – you should go too.

Here is the website, if you need any more information.  



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