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The Delaunay

9th April 2014

Hello friends.  I’ve been storing this one up for a little while!  

Those of you who are London based will probably have heard me go on about The Delaunay at some point.  It’s a Corbin & King classic – if you haven’t heard of them, they’re the restaurateurs behind The Wolseley. More recently they’ve also opened Brasserie Zédel (W1) and Colbert (in Sloane Square) – both also great.

I love going to The Delaunay.  It’s the perfect place for a special treat meal, without breaking your budget for months to come.  Don’t think ground-breaking morsels of gourmet food, topped with froth and exotic flavour combinations.  Think – comfort food… if you were about town in Vienna circa 1930.  

Delaunay Bar

Things I like about it: The grand entrance and marble floors, the handsome bar, the white linen table cloths, the sharp service, the pastries and mille-feuille peeking out from glass covers, the antique clock, the leather banquettes, the Tarte flambée (see below)

Things I don’t like about it: Not much

One evening a little while back, L and I made our way down Aldwych, and met at the Delaunay bar.  A glass of wine later, we were joined by A and B (who has since gone to New York – we miss you!).  This is what our evening looked like at one of my favourite restaurants…


Delaunay Bread

Delaunay Table

Delaunay Menu

Tarte Flambee

Tarte flambée – the absolute must to order.  A thin, crispy delight – and no, it’s not too big for a starter (promise).




Oysters Delaunay

Delaunay Table

Weiners, schnitzel burgers, steak tartare, crispy fish goujons – you’ll find them all on the grand European Café style menu.

Fish Goujons

Steak Tartare

Schnitzel Burger

Final note – when The Delaunay first opened, I had in my head that it was pronounced ‘The De – lane – ey’.  Not sure why.  But O and I had a disagreement about it, resulting in me phoning up to hear them say ‘Hello, The Delaunay’ at which point I said ‘Thank you, that’s all I needed to know’.  So, O was right, and I was wrong.  (Not often I’ll admit to that!)

Spring might be sprung now, but if you need somewhere to pass a rainy evening, you can’t go wrong with cosy glamour at The Delaunay.

The Delaunay

Thames Skyline

                                                          Walking South of the River Thames after dinner

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5th September 2013

My friend E recently found herself in need of a place to stay at short notice.  As luck would have it, I was off to Cervinia at exactly the right time.

So she moved in to my house and kept A company while I was away.   Ideal.

Anyway, the point of the story is that E very kindly took A and I out to dinner to say thank you for having her.  Totally unnecessary but extremely generous.  So I can now thank her again in this post… and tell you all about it.


We had been talking about going to Shrimpy’s ever since it opened last year, and somehow never managed to make it.  This meant that it was with more than a little excitement that I approached The Filling Station at King’s Cross.

The reason it’s calling The Filling Station, is that it actually used to be a BP petrol station.  How’s that for alternative?  What’s been retained is a very cool, edgily industrial location for dinner and drinks.


You follow the signs around the back and find Shrimpy’s with a long bar under an overhang ceiling, open to the air.  There’s inside restaurant tables as well, in a quirky and welcoming space.



Think painted walls, brass pineapples and spiky cacti on the windowsill.  The tables are decorated with a mantra.






I really like the retro water glasses.

Yummy popped corn nibbly things arrived, and I ummed and ahhed over the menu like always.  Shrimpy’s serves Tex-Mexy/American/Seafood type food.  Basically, it’s hard to put it in a box.


And this is what we decided on…

Chicharon – if you like pork scratchings, you need these in your mouth.  They are a spicy, smoky, crunchy delicious treat, and the guacamole that comes with them works perfectly.


Frickles – deep fried, pickled chillies – are you a gherkin fan?  These are like the naughty version of gherkins.  So, so moreish


And now for the main parade – E and I had the soft shell crab burger and A had the cheeseburger in a bonnet.

The crab came with avocado and chilli and it more than met my expectations.  It was fab (fab crab, see) – if you go, definitely order it.



Look, burger in a bonnet – too cute.


On the side we had hot macaroni and fries.  The macaroni really rocked my world.



I thought the service at Shrimpy’s was great – the staff were all lovely, water was constantly topped up and all of my silly questions about the food were answered.

The view across the way…


Obviously, there was room for pudding.  If you go to Shrimpy’s make sure you leave room for pudding.

Banana and peanut butter sandwich


Meringue, hibiscus syrup, chantilly and pineapple


I think the photos pretty much do it justice.  I was way too full (but happy) by the time we were done.  Like this happy giraffe.



That’s pretty much all, except to say thank you E for an amazing meal!  And does anybody want to go back with me?



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Big Easy

8th May 2013

This post is unashamedly focused on comfort food.  And if, like me, your brand of comfort food features burgers, fajitas, ribs and ‘slaw then you can’t go wrong with Big Easy.

Big Easy is modelled on US crab shack style restaurants – they have weekly ‘All You Can Eat’ specials (ideal) and freshly caught lobster on the menu.  You’ll find it on the KIng’s Road in Chelsea.

The inside is all casual twinkly lights, blackboards and memorabilia.



We carried out an ordering attack, and just went for a LOT of stuff.  The waitress said in a kind voice that she thought it might be too much food but happily we proved her wrong.  


Drinks first – beers and an Oreo milkshake – obvious choices.

Accompanied by, in no particular order:

Fresh Calamari with lemon and dips…


Rack of Ribs… (yes, that is Macaroni Cheese you can see hiding in the background)


Onion Rings…


Skinny Chips…


And a Big Easy Hamburger with Oak Smoked Cheddar and Sweet Caramelised Onions.


Let’s get right up in that burger’s face…




If you want, they’ll provide you with a fetching plastic bib that says Crab Shack.  That way you can protect your outfit from rogue BBQ sauce and look good at the same time.  Be warned, the meat sweats are a possibility, but it’s totally worth it.  

I’m a big fan of Wednesday nights at Big Easy, which is ‘All You Can Eat Fajitas’ and a Margarita or Beer for £14.95 a head.  Bargain.


And here’s an idea for working off the food afterwards (not that you’ll see me doing this!)


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