Burberry Kisses

13th June 2013

Burberry have just set up a website which is such a sweet idea that I thought I would share it.

It’s called Burberry Kisses and it manages to make technology more than a little bit romantic.


Visit the site here and you can upload your own kiss and ‘send’ it to someone you love (or maybe someone you want to love?!).  The kiss is basically a virtual version of a lip print you’d make on a letter in the good old days.

If you open the site on your computer, you can use a webcam to capture your kiss.  Or (and I think this is better), open it on your mobile or tablet browser, and you have to actually kiss the screen.

You can pick what colour you want your lips to be (or no colour – for the boys!) and then send a personal message with your kiss to the recipient’s email.


Here’s the really clever part – you enter your city and the city of the person you’re sending it to.  Once you’ve finished, an animation plays of the kiss flying through your city to the city it’s going to.  The site uses information from Google Earth to show accurate skylines of the cities – Romance for Nerds!

Burberry are planning to use the cities people enter to see where in the world is the most romantic.

Kiss your phone – you know you want to!

Here’s what my kiss looked like…



2 thoughts on “Burberry Kisses

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