The Best (and the Biggest) Pizza Delivery in London

29th May 2013

Every time I’m feeling a little lazy and a lot hungry, my mind starts to wander over to what I’m about to show you.

I found Italian Pizza Connection last November when I walked past the Fulham branch while on the search for a cosy pub.  I was immediately distracted by the incredible pizza smell coming from the large, cartoon like slices in the window.

Later that evening, I gave them a ring, and ordered my first pizza from them.  (Actually, we ordered two – I wasn’t prepared for how big they are!)  

Since then, they’ve been a firm favourite.


Here’s the deal… the pizzas are 18 inches across!

They’ll deliver to you if you’re near to either of their locations in Fulham or Bayswater, or you can pop into the restaurant.  They are lovely, wonderful people and will let you have half and half on toppings if you can’t make your mind up.




My personal favourites are the classics – Pepperoni and Hawaiian.  Ideally both… a slice of one, a slice of the other, repeat.



For an idea of scale, look at my hand!



The crusts are fantastic; make sure you have something garlicky to dip them in.  The rest of the pizza is thin, gooey and flavoursome.


Needless to say, I think my housemates are fed up of seeing oversized pizza boxes loitering around! 

Make sure you try this for your next pizza fix – I promise you won’t regret it.

Italian Pizza Connection on Urbanspoon


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