Big Easy

8th May 2013

This post is unashamedly focused on comfort food.  And if, like me, your brand of comfort food features burgers, fajitas, ribs and ‘slaw then you can’t go wrong with Big Easy.

Big Easy is modelled on US crab shack style restaurants – they have weekly ‘All You Can Eat’ specials (ideal) and freshly caught lobster on the menu.  You’ll find it on the KIng’s Road in Chelsea.

The inside is all casual twinkly lights, blackboards and memorabilia.



We carried out an ordering attack, and just went for a LOT of stuff.  The waitress said in a kind voice that she thought it might be too much food but happily we proved her wrong.  


Drinks first – beers and an Oreo milkshake – obvious choices.

Accompanied by, in no particular order:

Fresh Calamari with lemon and dips…


Rack of Ribs… (yes, that is Macaroni Cheese you can see hiding in the background)


Onion Rings…


Skinny Chips…


And a Big Easy Hamburger with Oak Smoked Cheddar and Sweet Caramelised Onions.


Let’s get right up in that burger’s face…




If you want, they’ll provide you with a fetching plastic bib that says Crab Shack.  That way you can protect your outfit from rogue BBQ sauce and look good at the same time.  Be warned, the meat sweats are a possibility, but it’s totally worth it.  

I’m a big fan of Wednesday nights at Big Easy, which is ‘All You Can Eat Fajitas’ and a Margarita or Beer for £14.95 a head.  Bargain.


And here’s an idea for working off the food afterwards (not that you’ll see me doing this!)


Big Easy on Urbanspoon


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