Good Girls

10th April 2013

A quick little entry coming up!

Last night H and I were good girls – we met in Clapham Common ready for an evening of catch up and yoga.

Technically yoga should be done an empty stomach, but since it was HOT, POWER YOGA (I feel like that needs to be in capitals) we needed a bit of a refuel first after a hard day at work.

So we wandered down the high street in search of smoothies or similar, but got distracted.  We ended up popping into a little Italian called Osteria dell’Arte.  It’s a charming, family run restaurant with pleasantly eccentric staff, and filled with art from local artists.


The menu was very tempting, but yoga dictated we were only able to order soup of the day – La Minestra (told you we were good girls).  When it arrived, it was a lovely surprise.  For no real reason, we were expecting something tomatoey, but it turned out to be fish and leek.  It was buttery and smooth, and really really tasty.

I will definitely return to try the menu properly – particularly looking forward to Carpaccio al Tartufo and Ravioli di Giornata.

Anyone fancy it? Details here.

Osteria 2

PS – Yoga was a success (albeit a tiring, sweaty one!) – we left feeling stretched out and relaxed.  I’ll probably write more about the classes soon, although maybe no pictures as they wouldn’t be the prettiest!  If you want information about the studio, you can find it here.


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